Video Recorder For WordPress

Fastest Way To Get Video & Audio Testimonials & Messages from Your Website Visitors, Fans, Followers, and Customers.

Right From Your Website.
Any Device, Any Browser.
No Downloads or Special Apps.

Let your website visitors connect with you using Video.
No apps or special software required.


Click "Activate Camera & Mic" below to get started.
(Ignore any echo in the beginning - that will not be in the final recording as you will see)

(Optional: Add contact details)
Recording limit:
Time remaining:

When you click "Start Recording", you will be prompted to provide access to your default microphone.

If you're on a phone, that will be your phone's built-in mic. If you're on a computer, it'll be the built-in mic or an external mic (like ATR2100 or Blue Yeti).

Allow access (it's secure) and leave us a voice message.

Video Recorder Plugin offers you the easiest and simplest way for your audience to send you video messages and video testimonials directly from your website.

And if they just wish to leave an Audio message, they can cover their camera or point it away from their face.

Your visitors can record and upload a video from any device: Phone (iPhone & Android), Computer (Windows & Mac) and Tablet (iOS, Android or Windows).

Your visitors can record and upload a video from any device: Phone (iPhone & Android), Computer (Windows & Mac) and Tablet (iOS, Android or Windows).

Video and Audio messages and testimonials directly from your website.

No jumping through hoops, no downloading a separate app, no installation of any special software

Your audience can now send you a Video Message right from your website - no jumping through hoops, no downloading a separate app, no installation of any special software on their computer, and no need to figure out how to send a massive video via email as an attachment!

Instant Video Recordings from your Website Visitors, Fans, Followers, Podcast Listeners, YouTube subscribers, Social Media Followers, Current and Future Customers, Members, Coaching Clients, Challenge Participants, Friends and Family, Business Associates and most importantly, your 1000 True Fans.

Use it to get Video Testimonials,  Questions about your Product or Service - questions  and comments you can use in your Podcast or YouTube show, for Q&A's for your Content Marketing or Online Courses, Answers for a Contest or Challenge you're running, audience Engagement, and even Pre-Sales or Technical Support questions.

They don't need to install any special software, no downloads, no apps or browser plugins required.

They can leave you video-mail using just any web browser on any device.

The video recordings are stored on your website in your WordPress Media library. So you can watch the uploaded videos right from the WordPress Media page.

You can then download these files, import them into your video editor, edit them as you choose, and use them in your social or website videos.

Who is this for?

Podcasters, YouTubers, Digital Product Creators, SaaS Creators, Membership Site Owners, Course Creators, Content Creators, Marketers, Small Business Owners... Anyone who has a WordPress website and wants their audience to be able to leave them a Video/Audio message or testimonial.

Simplest Video Recorder Your Audience Will Ever Use

  • Activate Camera and Mic
  • Point camera at themselves and Start Recording
  • Stop & Preview Recording
  • Fill out a Contact Form (optional)
  • Upload recording

Leaving a video message for you is as simple as that. Your visitor doesn't have to download any special software or app.

Just hit record right from their web browser, on any device (mobile or computer) that they're already using to access your website.

Works on All Devices and Browsers: iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows PC, Chromebook, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Edge, Brave and everything in between.

Easiest WordPress Plugin You'll Ever Use.

1 Minute Setup

Install plugin. Enter the text on the page where you want the recorder to show up. Recorder shows up like the one above.

Videos in Media Library

All of the video recordings that your audience uploaded can be viewed on the Media page. Videos will play right on the page.

Works on All Devices

Your visitors can leave you voice-mail from any browser on any device, mobile, desktop or laptop.

Video Recorder WordPress Plugin

1 Site

$89  $69


* Lifetime License
* 1 year Upgrades & Support

10 Sites

$399  $299


* Lifetime License
* 1 year Upgrades & Support

Features Included in all Licenses

  • Collect Unlimited Videos (as much as your hosting plan's storage allows)
  • Videos stored in your own WordPress Media folder
  • No Watermarks
  • High-quality video files that can be imported directly into any video editor
  • Activate an optional Contact Form that the user can submit along with their testimonial Video (demo above has it turned on - you can turn it off in the Settings).
  • 1 minute installation & setup
  • Add the shortcode on any WordPress Page or Post where you want the recorder to be displayed.
  • (Coming Soon) Zapier Integration
  • (Coming Soon) Automated Transcriptions
  • (Coming Soon) Automated Captions from Transcriptions and more!

- 3-sites & 10-Sites Licenses are for use on a single owner's websites. Not an Agency license. May *not* be used on client- or third-party owned websites.

* All licenses are one-time payments. Your license will never expire.

* You get 1 year of Upgrades & Support with your purchase. Any time after the 1st year, , if you wish to upgrade to a newer version, you may purchase the plugin again.

30-Day "No Questions Asked " Money Back, Guarantee!


Money Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason whatsoever, simply contact us within 30 days of purchase and our helpful support staff will promptly issue a refund.

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